Electra during FAT, Toronto, 2009

Performance art allows me to express myself in a interdisciplinary way bridging art, digital art, fashion design, music and technology. I design animated LED costumes that I wear for my performances where I sing, dance, tell fictive and personal stories, and interact with the public.

As singer and visual artist, I am particularly interested in the interplay between sound and light, voice and color, music and costume. I collaborate with musicians to compose a different musical ambiance for each projects. I work with engineers and programmers to insert some magic and technological poetry in my pieces often flavored with humor.

In Electra, Geneviève Favre Petroff, rooted on a pedestal with a long white gown and silver hair, mesmerized all of us who were sitting up front with her ‘Bjork-like’ voice and LED lights that lit up on cue. I don’t think anyone will forget, “Cranberry joooose. Cr-annnn Berry Joooo-se”.

torontostreetfashion.com (blog), 2009

Loukoum during FAT, Toronto, 2012

Geneviève Favre Petroff’s Lokum performance aimed squarely to evoke a neo-80s sensibility, with bright colorful lights blooming around a 60s-inspired minidress. With the flashing lights, and the round Martian helmet, Petroff achieves an effect that feels both familiar and otherworldly—a combination of the imagery of yesterday and the designs of the future we dream of. 

Brian McLellan (fashion critic), 2012