What’s drug do we need to be ourselves ? What’s drug do we need to be ourselves ? …  Activity …  Longevity … Serenity

Emerging from the richness of the soil, my futuristic mineral, luminous and robotic creature will go through initiation rites under the eyes of the spectators gathered to experience this moment of spectacle and magic in a clearing in the forest. The heroine dressed in purple crystals emerges from a rock which bursts, the fragments of which transform into a hunter-warrior armor. Amethysta will have to fight live against natural elements and invisible threats to finally be able to share the benefits of her learning with the public.

The participative musical performance is built as a mystical and initiatory opera, that ends with a ceremony of handing over the heroine to the Earth, to Gaia, the mother Nature who engendered her. For this performance I design a geode-habitat in which my character inspired by mythology and superheroin can entirely be hidden or take refuge. I start the development of the project in the framework of the formation Specialized Master in Creation and Contemporary Technology I did at Ensci-Les Ateliers, Paris

Design and paintings : Geneviève Favre Petroff

Concept & Performance : Geneviève Favre Petroff

Music : Nova Materia

Technique : Antoine Petroff

Shell and structure : FÖRMA SA, Anaël Engel

Music : Nova Materia

3D sound installation : Cosmos Acoustique, Paris


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